It’s all about the statistics really. I don’t like them and I want to be part of the solution in improving them.

“What statistics?”, you ask.  

Well, did you know that in 2021, women over 55 are the fastest-growing group of homeless people in Australia? Not only that, women are currently retiring with 47% less superannuation than men and ending up poverty-stricken or reliant on others to ‘get by’.

For the majority – they’ve done all the things… they’ve worked (maybe full time, most likely part-time or casual) and raised children; looked after everyone amongst doing ALL the things others expect of them and that they expect of themselves. Most of the time, they’ve simply complied with social conditioning – as a girl, you grow up knowing that you can have a career and/or a family if you choose. Don’t for one moment think that having that choice allows you to do one or the other – there are societal ramifications whatever path you choose. 

I know the below are generalizations. However, it’s also the experience of SO many women I know!

  • If you’re a working mum – you continue to have the lion’s share of the childcare, housework and potentially other family caring responsibilities in addition to your work outside the home.
  • If you’re a woman without children – again, you continue to have the lion’s share of the housework and potentially other family caring responsibilities as well as the demands of working outside the home – “oh, she doesn’t have kids and/or partner – she’ll have the time” to … (insert family responsibility here).

Then something changes. 

  • Maybe they find themselves suddenly single;
  • Maybe the family responsibilities have decreased; 
  • Maybe the woman has reached retirement age and has no idea what to do with herself;  
  • Maybe it’s that the kids have left home and they’re at a loss; and / or 
  • Maybe they feel like they have no purpose, full stop.

Women are getting to the end of their working life to find themselves becoming part of the statistics of homeless people or living in poverty. 

That’s not okay with me. 

I want to help women to have a life that they want – a life that defines success on their terms, not lose everything in their middle to older ages. My intention is to help as many as possible in their late 30s/early 40s and beyond to focus on the ‘big picture of THEIR lives. Empower them to choose what they want to be, do and have for the future. I want to be part of the solution, helping other women to avoid homelessness and poverty through taking action earlier. The focus doesn’t exclude relationships or anything else in particular. It is inclusive of everything the woman wants in her life – what she considers a successful life.

I’d love to help women:

  • Learn to love and value themselves much earlier in life.
  • Learn that self-care is more than bubble-baths, massages and manicures. It’s financial stability and boundaries in addition to so much more.
  • Allow themselves to dream and follow those dreams. The restraints preventing them from achieving their desires, are what they put on themselves. If you don’t believe that, check out Curtis McGrath, Kurt Fearnley and so many more who have overcome HUGE adversity to create a life of their choosing.
  • And take action.

A quote from Bob Proctor “You are the only problem you’ll ever have and you are the only solution”.