Vision Boards are a visual reminder of our desires. They don’t have to be logical or practical or anything else. We’re all individuals and we want what we want, right? It’s basically a collage that we make from pictures.

 Why are vision boards popular? The mind thinks in pictures. If I asked you to describe an oven, a car, or a flower, your mind would picture one and you could describe it. Have you ever had to ask what something is – you hear a word and have no frame of reference as to what that word means or ‘looks like’.

Vision boards allow us to put a collage of pictures together of everything we want. It might be something for this year, next year, five years’ time or even further away. Most vision boards are a combination of everything, no matter the timeframe.

But how do vision boards work? Well, first things first… they do NOT work if you put a vision board together and then put it out of sight. It’s all about constant reminders allowing the mind to prioritise what’s important to you. For the parents out there – have you ever noticed that when you began trying to fall pregnant and you were thinking about it all the time, you started noticing how many others were pregnant? You buy a car and ‘suddenly’ the same type of car is everywhere you go.

Vision boards are a way of seeing that thing you want everywhere – identifying to our subconscious mind what is important. We see the vision board every day. We think about what we see every day – consciously or subconsciously.

Let’s face it – our minds filter out millions and millions of pieces of information every moment. By seeing the pictures on the vision board, our minds are helped to prioritise what it is you desire as one of the 7 pieces of information that you CAN think about at any one time.

What now? Get on and create your own!

Flip through images and whether you make a digital vision board or a physical vision board, start saving pictures of the things that catch your eye. Don’t think about it. If it catches your eye – add it to the vision board. It could be a picture of a boat, a hairstyle, a word, a quote. Anything that inspires you. Use colours, affirmations, post-it notes.

You can pin your cache of meaningful pictures to a physical board or cardboard, glue it, sticky tape it or staple it. Just attach it. Create something that is inspiring and exciting!



On a regular basis, maybe weekly or monthly, sit down and take the time to really look at your vision board. Get excited about what’s on it. Allow yourself to feel that excitement, really feel it.


Still not sure about it?

Reach out and let’s chat.

Michele Scherr