Everyone has his or her own definition of success and it can vary hour to hour, day to day, etc.  From getting out of bed and showering one day to living a life of luxury… Success is very individual.  

So what then, is a Success Coach? 

Put simply, a Success Coach focuses on goals — business, academic, or career. Success coaches help clients craft strategies to achieve what each client defines as success.  For example, one client might want help overcoming burnout, while another might want help taking risks necessary to bring in more business. 

A success coach can also help a client adapt to overwhelming success that is already being achieved. For example, a young entrepreneur with a fast-growing new business might need help to overcome self-doubts and manage his business with confidence and balance.

A success coach typically has clients who want specific, external returns on investment.

In Sai Blackbyrn’s observations, there are 4 moments when someone will look for a Success Coach’s guidance.

  • When they are starting something new and need guidance.
  • When they have been stuck somewhere for a long time.
  • They have an idea but don’t know how to execute.
  • Don’t have any systems in place.

Success Coach Responsibilities:

  • Determining the personal and professional goals of individual clients and identifying potential challenges.
  • Developing realistic and effective strategies toward realizing goals.
  • Providing goal-oriented guidance and steps to success, as well as encouraging active participation. 
  • Facilitating follow-up sessions and integrating feedback. 
  • Performing progress assessments and utilizing motivation techniques. 
  • Encouraging clients by recognizing milestones and mitigating challenges that hinder progress. 
  • Promoting success-enhancing cognitive, psychological, and physical habits and routines.

So what’s the difference between a Success Coach and what I do as a Success Mentor?

I partner with my clients to achieve results defined by the client – so success as they describe it. My superpower is helping women, in particular, get their heads above the day-to-day busyness of life to set a ‘destination’ for themselves – identify what they want to be, do and have in the future.  

How long in the future?  

Well, that’s also up to the client. Normally it’s about what they want for themselves when (insert life event here). So the timeframe is as different as each client.

When should you look for a Success Mentor?

  • When you’re stuck – You’ve been doing ALL. THE. THINGS. Now something has changed.
    • Maybe your long term relationship has broken up. 
    • Maybe the kids have left home and you’re an empty nester. 
    • Maybe something’s changed at work, and not to your liking. 
    • Maybe you’ve had career responsibilities that have suddenly changed, leaving you with your own time and space. 
    • Maybe you just believe that there’s more out there for you… but you don’t know what.
    • And there are so many more reasons that you are feeling like you have no guidance.
  • You have an idea how you want your life to be, but you’re hesitant, lack confidence – not daring to let yourself dream.

In terms of responsibilities, I take on as a Success Mentor… everything that’s listed above for a Success Coach. 

The difference?  Not much, actually. I just come at it from a different angle. While you’ll see some short-term wins, the major wins are usually quite a distance in the future. It’s continued action that counts – you never actually stop growing and improving.

Would you like to know more?

Why not contact me for an absolutely obligation-free chat. I’ll soon tell you if I can help you or you need to look elsewhere. I’m not into wasting my time or anyone else’s time – it’s the one thing that you never get back.