How You Can Work With Me!

Individual Mentoring

I offer blocks of 1:1 sessions.
They can be face to face if we’re in the same location
or virtually if we’re not!

I came to Michele to help with my self-confidence. During our 6 sessions I felt, heard, accepted and encouraged.

I wasn’t certain what to expect and I found our sessions to be a welcoming and safe space for me to be honest about what was holding me back.

Michele was able to help me identify long held old beliefs around my self worth and work through ways to reframe them.

I recommend Michele to break through the toxic thought cycle and to improve your self confidence



I LOVE getting small groups of women together to learn while we’re having fun!

Thanks for an inspiring workshop today. It was fun-filled, much laughter, sharing and caring and I enjoyed discovering my own insights as well as contributing to others’. The Find your Bling game is a great way to do this, so innovative. Well done.


Thank you for a fabulous workshop. I gained much greater clarity and trust in the process… I would highly recommend this workshop to other women, whatever your clarity issue is.


The Clarity Workshop was not only fun and supportive, but also an enlightening experience that has helped shed light on how I can achieve the life of my dreams.


What to Expect

Diamond Bullet You will be heard! I will listen to you, ask questions, and do my best to really understand you.

Diamond Bullet Anything we speak about is between us.

Diamond Bullet It’s all about YOU. This is about you for you. We’ll be working together for your benefit and that is my focus.

Diamond Bullet We will identify where you are

Diamond Bullet We will identify where you are going

Diamond Bullet We will work together

Diamond Bullet I bring all my tools and experience

Working with me is for you if….

You know you want something for your life, but you don’t know what!
You’ve been through a life change (Empty Nest anyone?
Relationship Breakdown maybe?
Unfulfilled in your work or lost your job…COVID anyone?)
and don’t know what you want for your life.

You’ve been focussing on the day to day and monthly / yearly goals
and have begun to wonder how you’re going to get what you want for your life
and you need someone to help you figure it out.

You’re ready for me to hold you to account for your actions.
You understand that what you do today, those small actions,
add up towards your big goals that you won’t see happen until many years in the future.

Working with me is NOT
a good idea if…

You’re not ‘coachable’
You’re not ready to explore you – your thoughts and your actions
You don’t actually want to take action
You blame others for your situation
You want instant results
You’re set in your ways

Getting Started is Easy

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