Frequently Asked Questions

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Mentoring FAQ’s Below

What is a Success Mentor? Is it a real thing?

Success is a very individual outcome. I help you to dream and identify what success is to you. Then we work together to establish the habits for you to get your success.

Why are you so passionate about what you do?

I think clarity is a gift. Though some people don’t like to have clarity around difficulties in their lives, once you know where you are, you can take action to get to where you want to be.

For many women, life is not about choice. I’ve spent many years working in Emergency Departments in Australia and providing care to people in third-world countries. Seeing how poorly women are treated by various individuals in those environments has often made me incredibly mad.


I think the best way to respond to that is to empower other women to live their best lives and achieve their own successes on their terms.

Do you only work face to face?
  1. No. I’m very happy to do online sessions via online video chat (eg. Zoom or Google Meet, etc).
I only want one session. Do I have to purchase the 6 week block?


My job is to help you get to the outcomes you desire in the fastest time frame possible. You are actually paying for the outcome. If you achieve your outcome in one session – awesome! But you have the option of 5 more in that 6 weeks.

If you are looking for a single session, maybe a Bling Angel Session is for you.

No matter what the history, each and every woman CAN change their future… if they really want to.
I’ve done it (a few times) and I know I can help others achieve their success as well.