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Michele Scherr

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Bling Angel Sessions

Michele Scherr

Each Bling Angel Session contains some of the same elements, the length of the session determines how deep we will go.

We’ll connect, ask a question and move around the board while pulling cards, having meaningful conversations about how they apply to your question, and tapping into your own intuition.

Diamond Bullet Cards are selected from the decks of Believe, Love, Inspiration, New Beginnings, Growth (BLING), as well as Diamonds Within, Gold Light and Bling Boost. Each deck has over 100 questions or affirmations, so the possibilities are endless.

Diamond BulletThe cards are full of goodness and bring guidance, identifying the supports you need to step into your future.

Diamond Bullet Michele’s role is to support you through the process and guide you to your inner knowing.


What is a Bling Angel

😇 A Bling Angel is compassionate and truly understands the struggles and challenges their clients are facing.

😇 A Bling Angel is firstly kind, supportive and uplifting.

😇 A Bling Angel can put themselves in their client’s shoes and create a safe space for them to fully express themselves without any judgment.

😇 A Bling Angel has an incredible ability to understand their client’s situations and see a way forward.

😇 A Bling Angel offers guidance and direction to create a tomorrow that is better than today.

😇 A Bling Angel is a life-time learner and is willing to learn from everyone around them.

😇 A Bling Angel listens more than they talk, and truly stays present in the moment at all times.

😇 A Bling Angel is grateful to be on a journey with you and will give their best no matter what.

😇 A Bling Angel walks their talk and will be alongside their clients every step of the way.

😇 A Bling Angels are heart-centred, sincere and they truly care about YOU.

😇 For Bling Angels, it’s not a job. It’s a calling.

Thank you Michele Scherr
Yesterday I sat down with my two teenage girls and played Find Your Bling, facilitated by Michele.
We all know that Angie‘s Bling game is great, but Michele has a wonderful way of facilitating discussion around the Bling session. She was so easy to open up with and had wonderful incites into our cards, to help keep the conversation going.
I highly recommend one of these sessions with Michele.
It worked so well for Mother’s and Daughters too, so I am so glad I brought my girls in to experience it with me. I have a great relationship with my girls, but like most teenagers, they just don’t communicate much anymore and it is hard to get them talking, especially about important things that are on their minds. So this was a great way to get us talking.
Thanks so much for your time and compassion Michele. The girls loved it and I really enjoyed it too.
Will keep recommending it to everyone 🙂

Michele is my very own forever Bling Angel.

Michele has been guiding me through questions I have about my business and personal life. Her beautiful calm manner makes me feel safe and heard.

She does not advise me on what road to take but rather asks the important questions I need to answer before I move forward.

Thank you for all your guidance. I appreciate you.

I would recommend your services to any business woman who needs clarification and the confidence to move towards success.


We had our session today and it was a little (ok, who am I kidding… a lot) cool.
Michele did a bling card reading for me today – kinda like a tarot reading but all psychology and self-development, and it was eye-opening what came out of it. Michele sent me this picture of the cards that came out in the process.
Michele Scherr

What Makes the Bling Angel Session Great?


😇 She is there for you. Knowing your transformation lies in the power of a heartfelt conversation.

😇 She will always treat you with respect, friendliness and kindness.

😇 She will guide you to help find solutions and strategies towards the answers you are seeking.

😇 She will be there for you, so you can move forward and make things happen in whatever way works best for you.

😇 She understands your ups and downs and that it takes time to digest everything that is happening in your life.

😇 Most importantly, everything discussed during a Bling Angel session is completely confidential.


💙 We Believe in our clients until they do.

💚 We Love and listen with an open heart.

💜 We Inspire women to connect to their intuition.

🧡 We Nurture others as well as ourselves.

❤️ We Gift women permission to be themselves.

When Angie met Michele…

From the moment Angie Rassi (the creator of Find your BLING™) met Michele, she knew Michele would be the perfect Bling Angel.

Michele is a Success Mentor. She helps people to dream and achieve their own successes. After almost 20 years as a Registered Nurse working full time in the Australian Defence Force, specialising in emergency / critical care nursing, Michele’s real buzz came from mentoring and coaching others to learn and achieve what they wanted from a health perspective, a management perspective, and a leadership perspective.

Michele’s Bling Angel specialty now is helping you with Clarity and Success in your life. She works with individuals and groups, facilitating workshops, events and bling sessions.

Michele is going to take the world of Bling by storm!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bling Angel?

A Bling Angel is someone who has completed certification with Angie Rassi, the creator of Find Your Bling™,  to use the Find Your Bling™ cards and board in a business capacity to help their clients to achieve their own breakthroughs. This could be during individual sessions, workshops, events or otherwise.

What is Find Your Bling™?

The Find Your Bling™ game is an intuitive board game that helps you think about what you truly want and guides you on a path to finding your answers. The cards are designed to help you gain insights, clarity, and direction on a question you want to be answered.

What are Bling Angel Sessions?

A Bling Angel session can be anywhere from a 20-minute session to 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours.  It involves each player writing down the specific discovery question they would like insight, clarity and direction on. Think about an area of your life you would like to focus on….is it your health, career, friendships, relationships, home, wealth or passion project?


Each player reads out their question. Then via the roll of a dice, players move around the board, picking up cards as indicated and discussing the questions or statements on the cards in relation to the player’s initial question.