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I’m a registered nurse and worked full time in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for almost 20 years, serving overseas numerous times. Specializing in emergency / critical care nursing, my real buzz came from mentoring and coaching others to learn and achieve what they wanted from a health perspective, a management perspective, and a leadership perspective.

I spent many years focussing on surviving the day-to-day, month to month, year to year as a single mum of 2 boys, working full time in a really demanding role. Always being a goals-focused person, when I came back from deployment in Afghanistan I lost all focus on the future. I had no idea what I wanted… no goals at ALL. And then I was medically discharged from service a few years later (forced into retirement essentially) – from the work that I thought I would do forever.

Life happens. Am I right?

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to not know what I want for my future. And I’ve rebuilt myself (with help of course).

Now I want to help others and I’ve formally opened my mind-flex mentoring business Self-confidence and Success with Michele Scherr, using my previous life experiences, knowledge, and education to help others. I’m deeply passionate about supporting others in empowering themselves to look many years ahead, take the action and achieve what they want in life.

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