Find your Bling™ is a seriously fun game with a difference. It gives you the most incredible insights into a situation. It answers the questions you feel deep in your soul. It guides you to manifest a future you truly love. Find your Bling™ helps you to uncover whatever it is you really want by allowing you to find your own answers.

The real magic of the game is that it guides you to connect with your inner knowing. It helps you to connect to YOU.

BLING stands for
Believe – Believing that anything is possible,
Love – Love heals everything,
Inspiration – Inspired ideas changes everything,
New Beginnings – embrace a fresh start, and
Growth – grow your gorgeousness.

There are also decks of cards called
Diamonds Within – affirmations,
Gold Light – I am… statements, and
Bling Boost – reminders that “Yes, you CAN”.

You can play the game on your own, or with others – groups of 2 to 4 people, or even larger groups.

Everyone writes down a question that is theirs – a discovery question that is unique to them. It is important that each player identifies their question prior to start of play. It could be from any area of your life – career, health, finances, relationships, home, wealth, or passion projects.

As the players move around the board, cards are drawn from the decks and the players discuss the relevance of what is on the card to the discovery question they player drawing the card, has.

There are many ways to play Find your Bling™ and a Bling Angel is the best person to show you how.