Hey! How’re you going?

I’m Michele.

I’m a Success Mentor and I’m on a mission!

Diamond Bullet  Are you ready to define your life and live on your terms?

Diamond Bullet  When you get to the end of your ‘working’ life, do you know how you want your life to be?

Diamond Bullet Have you started planning it?

I’ve spent lots of time working in Emergency Departments in Australia and overseas in third-world countries. I’ve seen LOTS of women in really difficult situations. Surviving day to day is the best they can do. Then come the statistics! Did you know that in Australia, women over 55 are the fastest-growing group of homeless people?  And women retiring with 47% (on average) superannuation in comparison to men?

Not good enough!

No woman should get to the end of her ‘working’ life and find that she is living at or close to the poverty line, let alone be fighting homelessness.

Let’s work together.
Let’s get you in a position that you are not one of those statistics
and you are living the life that YOU want and achieving the success that you design.

Michele Scherr

My promise to you:

Diamond Bullet  You will be heard! I will listen to you, ask questions, and do my best to really understand you.

Diamond Bullet  Anything we speak about is between us.

Diamond Bullet  It’s all about YOU. This is about you for you. We’ll be working together for your benefit and that is my focus.

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